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Purificateur d'air Viktor Blanc by Stadler Form

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Air purifier VIKTOR white

Air purifier suitable for a surface of 50 m² max, with aromatherapy function. Ideal for the house and the office.

The + product :

  • - Reusable main filter
  • - Low power consumption
  • - Design by Matti Walker (Switzerland)
  • - Diffuse essential oils
  • - Quiet

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Air purifier VIKTOR white

Take a breather with VIKTOR!
VICTOR air purifier by Stadler Form filters all dust, pollen and unpleasant odours as well as viruses and bacteria through a specially developed HPP filter systemTM (international patent application pending), thus permitting you to take a deep breath of fresh air!
Small-and yet great in his own way, VIKTOR clearly demonstrates what clean air is all about with top CADR values (Clean Air Delivery Rate) more than 170m2/ hour.
The special filter cleanses the air while active carbon eliminates unpleasant smells.
And with five capacity stages (extremely quiet to power full and dimmable night-mode LED control lights, VIKTOR never robs you a good night's sleep!
Foreseen to work in big spaces until 50m², Viktor is equipped with 3 levels of filtration:
- Pre-filter :a washable preliminary filter which retains large such as pet hair, pollen and dust. So the following filters are protected from the big particles and their functioning is optimal.
- HPP : Then Viktor is equipped with the new system of filtration HPPTM (high potential particle filter system) which retains effectively fine dusts, pollen, soot particles, viruses mould spores. Particles are trapped through numerous and powerful magnet fields. The filter HPPTM is washable.
- Activated Carbon : And finally a large and powerful filter with activated carbon which absorbs gases and odours from the air. This way bad smells (tobacco, cheese, smoke, etc.) can be filtered from the air.
And for  an optimal comfort, this air purifier diffuses essential oil of your choice thanks to its fragrance dispenser.
Viktor is discreet by his functioning and by his unique and modern design.
It is also very energy-saving, because it consumes only 18W max. Viktor exists in black and in white. 

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Suitable for office, bedroom, child room
Suitable for rooms up to (m²) 50
Technology HPP filter
Air flow (m3 / h) 200
Number of speeds 5
Electronic sensor No
Brand Stadler Form
Aroma diffusion Yes
Odours and VOC filtration Yes
Noise level (dB) 57
Air inlet By the bottom
Power (V) 100 - 240
Power consumption (W) 10 - 38
Color White
Setting Floor
Dimensions (h x l x w in mm) 451 x 246 x 246
Warranty (Y) 2
User manual PDF télécharger le manuel en PDF
Related documents ECARF certification
Product weight (kg) 4.9000

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